Internet Marketing Services in Hertfordshire  
Profitable Google Adwords & Facebook PPC Campaigns

Stop letting your local competitors ‘steal’ your potential customers when, without you having to lift a finger, you can simply let us turn your local business into the number one option in your area. Let us handle your customer lead generation…

It’s time to stop surviving and start evolving. The internet has changed the game and the businesses that get left behind and rely on ‘old-school’ advertising tactics, or even worse, don’t advertise at all, are falling by the wayside. Many never to recover. It doesn’t have to be this way. How would it feel to finally sort this problem out once and for all so you can get on with what you do best...running you company and helping your customers and clients?

Here at Celtal Direct we specialize in taking frustrated local business owners who just want to help people, but don’t have the time or money to master digital marketing and get in front of new customers, and we do it for them. Even better than that we do it in such a way that will turn your local business into the number one option in your local area and at a price so low it means most of your customers come in absolutely FREE!

Think of us as the 'magnet' between your potential customers and your local services. To work with your prospects so we get the right advertising message in front of the right person at exactly the right time...and to do this PROFITABLY.

If you want to get more customers into your local business by outsourcing your lead generation to a digital agency then you need to be careful you don’t go down costly, inefficient dead ends that waste both your time and money.

You see, most other local agencies and online business directories that claim to be able to help you become more profitable, spend too much time and focus on activities that get you seen locally online such as SEO strategies, Pay Per Click and posting content on Social Media platforms. They then send you activity reports about all the ‘vanity’ metrics that make them look like they are earning their keep. Reach, frequency, views, click through rate, etc…sound familiar?

The brutal truth of all this is that this is not where you become profitable. Instead, your focus should be on your offer and your level of persuasion in your sales process. 

What do I mean? Put simply, having the ability in your sales process to motivate the website visitor to become an enquiry and begin a relationship with you. In other words, having a ‘rock-solid’ argument that you can solve their problem and your prospects do not have to look at any of your local competitors. 

It’s like this…If your focus is not on this area then your advertising campaigns will be like pouring water into a bucket with holes in it. You are going to lose a lot of water and depending on how large these holes are you might lose it all.

And that’s why we’re different. We ensure there are no holes in your bucket so all this money is not drained away and your campaigns are profitable.

Here at Celtal Direct we believe that in order to generate more customers, increase repeat business and dominate your competition you have to stand out in 2018. How do we do that? By plugging your business into ‘The Local Biz Conversion Matrix'.

This is a unique process that combines the following skills: 

  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Buyer Psychology  
  • Local Positioning compared to your competitors
  • Bespoke Landing Pages with conversion elements
  • A 'concrete' system to educate you on how to collect testimonials/reviews from your customers

This unique process is used to ensure you have a ‘rock-solid’ buyer argument to answer the following question in your prospect’s mind...“Why should I choose your company above and beyond any of the other companies in the local area?” We will help you to build an argument around why your product or service is the best in the local marketplace by differentiating yourself.

Then, when we have a powerful argument established, we can think in terms of generating visitors to your website and use strategies using these traffic generation tools/channels to get attention locally online for your business. Here are the main Advertising platforms that we use to generate website visitors..

Google Advertising

Google AdWords is Google's online advertising programme that lets you reach new customers and grow your business. With AdWords, you choose where your ad appears, set a budget that you're comfortable with and measure the impact of your ad.

     Facebook Advertising

Use the power of Facebook to laser target your ideal customer cost-effectively. Increase local sales with image Ads that get attention. Forget about generating likes, shares and comments as this is Facebook advertising, not Facebook Marketing

YouTube Advertising

Utilise the second largest search engine...YouTube. This brand new strategy allows you to use Video Ads to target your ideal customer costing pennies, not pounds. Most of your local competitors will not have heard of this strategy, never mind have this in their armoury!


Most website visitors do nothing and simply wander off. Use the power of sophisticated technology to get your message back in front of these visitors to improve your conversion rates for your products and services. 

Should you wish to discuss any questions you may have about using Digital Marketing to grow you business call today!

But don't just take our word for it. Here's just feedback from a few of our clients ...

N. Adams

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help that you are giving me to make my website more visible online. This is an incredibly important area for my business and, as a relative newcomer to the Hertfordshire market one that my main competitors have a head start on. You understood the brief very well – it is about finding potential sellers not people looking to buy – and have set about putting together a comprehensive strategy to get our site in front of these potential clients,it is early days but I am delighted with the progress you have made in so short a time and look forward to tapping into your expertise in the months to come.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to other local businesses that need help in this area. But I definitely won’t be recommending you to my competitors – you are too good to share!

R Johnson

I have been using your service for a couple of years and still remember our first meeting with you telling me that if your website is seen you have a greater chance of securing more business. Well mate you were certainly right there! You have been working on a few campaigns and I have slowly watched RJ Roofing creep up the Google rankings. As a result my phone does not stop ringing and your monthly reports prove the amount of visitors to my website. You have helped my business a great deal to get where it is today and I cannot thank you enough.

I look forward to working with you on future campaigns, in fact we are starting one this week, and I will recommend you 100% to friends, family or anyone else who needs their business to get more visibility online.