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Banner Ad Traffic Training Part Two

In this weeks newsletter we are going to delve further into the world of generating traffic with banner advertising.

First off let’s take a look at what not to do…

Most people create a banner and then use a service like to place their banner on hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of web sites related to the keywords you provide to Google. So if your web site sold remote control helicopters you might build a list of keywords related to ‘remote control helicopters’ and let Google do the rest. For many the idea of Google placing the banner ads for you is a huge time saver and too irresistible an offer.

Unfortunately this way of doing things causes a problem.

Banner Advertising Traffic Part One

Over the next few weeks we are going to teach you how to set up multiple streams of traffic in your business so that even if one traffic source starts to dry up (or changes it’s rules like Google!) you have numerous others funnelling visitors to your site from other sources. This is what every online business owner should strive for.Multiple streams of automated traffic. And if you follow the exercises we provide you with over the next few weeks you will have that set up in your business.

We are going to teach you how to get multiple streams of automated traffic using banner advertising. You are going to get a masterclass in banner traffic over the next few weeks and we can assure you that the strategies we are going to share you won’t have seen anywhere else.