7 Simple Steps To Creating An Effective Video Ad For YouTube Trueview

When attempting to generate traffic to your landing pages using video, there is a big difference in having a promotional video explaining your business and and a Video Ad designed to get their attention instantly and influence the desired actions.

video advertising in ware

Here are 5 guidelines to follow when creating your effective Video Ad:

1. Grab their attention within the first 5 seconds – ask a question that they will answer with a ‘yes’. What is their most pressing problem that you can solve? For example…

” Would you like to solve XYZ?”

2. Introduce yourself and your company briefly – remember this is not about you but what is in it for them

3. Tell them why you’re in front of them and what you offer – Don’t beat around the bush as you only have 30 seconds in total to qualify or disqualify this person. You want them to skip your video Ad within that 30 seconds if this offer is not for them so you are not charged.


Get all of these 3 initial guidelines across within the first 20 seconds!!!


4. Introduce you Call-To-Action to click the video and go to your website – your primary purpose is to get this person off YouTube and on to your website so you are in control. Use this CTA 2-3 times throughout the video Ad e.g.

“Click the video to…” or “Click the video and do…”

5. Reinforce what they should expect on your website landing page after the click. Don’t screw up their experience by delivering something else – tell them what is going to happen – you could even have a screenshot of your landing page within the video.

6. Close out your video with a final Call-To-Action

7. Leave some ‘dead time’ at the end of your video to give the viewer time to actually take the desired action which is to click on the video Ad and go to your landing page


Hope this helps! If you have any questions or would like to discuss using my services to set up and optimise your campaign using this brand new strategy please get in touch.


Alan Tobutt

Digital Marketing Consultant based in Hertfordshire. Google Partner and member of the Digital Marketing Institute