All the AdWords & Google Analytics changes announced today at Google Performance Summit…

There have been pretty big announcements from Google over the last few days. Here is a summary for those of you who do not have the time to delve deeper:


1. 50% bigger ads. This is a huge change. First, there will be longer headlines. Google is going to let you have headlines which are around twice the length of the current ones. Then, the main copy of your ad is more than doubling, to 80 characters. If you are smart about your copy, this should mean a very nice increase to your click through rate, which will give you more traffic but will also improve your quality score, effectively cutting your cost per click.

2. Separate bidding for mobile and tablets. Google’s current system for separating out mobile traffic is horrible – and they’ve always refused to let you bid separately for traffic from tablets. This has been a big frustration because most advertisers get their best conversions from tablets (if you’ve never checked your stats on this, go and have a look) Now you’re going to be able to effectively bid separately for tablet traffic. This is great news.

3. Demographic bidding. Although this hasn’t got as much attention as the first two changes, I think this may turn out to be the most significant. At the moment, when you advertise on Google search, you’re paying to reach men and women of any age, plus teenagers and children. In most businesses there is a major age bias for its best customers. In the future you’re going to be able to choose the gender and age of the people who see your ads. This could save you a lot of money and improve your conversion rates significantly.

Combine all three and you have some major changes.

Here is the full version of events:

Alan Tobutt

Digital Marketing Consultant based in Hertfordshire. Google Partner and member of the Digital Marketing Institute