Banner Ad Traffic Training Part Two

In this weeks newsletter we are going to delve further into the world of generating traffic with banner advertising.

First off let’s take a look at what not to do…

Most people create a banner and then use a service like to place their banner on hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of web sites related to the keywords you provide to Google. So if your web site sold remote control helicopters you might build a list of keywords related to ‘remote control helicopters’ and let Google do the rest. For many the idea of Google placing the banner ads for you is a huge time saver and too irresistible an offer.

Unfortunately this way of doing things causes a problem.

Firstly one of the co authors of this newsletter used Google to place banner ads for a long, long time. Whilst it can be successful it can be a pain to track exactly where they are placing your adverts. And you DO have to track them. The co author created a martial arts banner ad and chose ‘kung fu’ as one of the keywords. He eventually found one of his banner ads showing up on a gaming web site that sold a game with ‘Kung Fu’ in the keywords. This is a good example of the problem with networks such as Google. They can end up placing your ads on web sites that are not suitable for your banner ad.

Secondly, when it comes to networks like Google you have to jump through numerous hoops in order to make your web site meet their terms and conditions. You have to have navigation bars, terms and conditions page, privacy policy page, a phone number etc. For many web sites this is fine but it does not suit all online businesses. If you want to send people to a long sales letter from Google they either won’t allow it or will make you pay more for your advertising. Hardly ideal.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There is another option.And it’s one of the most overlooked traffic methods that very few teach (probably because they don’t want to create competition for themselves!).

Buying banner ads on high traffic web sites in your niche is one of the easiest way to generate consistent traffic to your site. Notice the word ‘consistent’. It’s one of the few methods of traffic generation where you can be getting no visitors today, place a banner ad on a high traffic site and be getting hundreds of visitors or more per day, every day, for months and years to come.

You see when it comes to banner ads you don’t need to have your ad on hundreds of other sites. I’d much rather have one banner ad that bought in consistent traffic rather than hundreds of banner ads that bought in the same amount. Why? Because it’s easier to track. Buying banner ads on a network like Google can make tracking a lot harder (although it can be done). Your banner ad can be placed on hundreds of sites. Some of those banners will bring in traffic, some won’t. Some will bring in traffic that buys, some will bring in traffic that just doesn’t buy a thing. You need to get rid of the banners that aren’t profitable and keep those that are. This all takes a lot of tracking and testing. So here is what we advise…

Find high traffic web sites that are targeted at people who would be interested in your products and services and pay to have a banner ad placed on them. Will you have to pay a little more than going through a network like Google? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Often you can get advertising space for a lot less than you may have expected. So do some digging around. Go to Google and type in the kinds of searches that your customers would look for (if you don’t know that yet then that is your priority!). Look for “Advertise” links on the web sites that show up and check out their prices. If they are within your budget place the advert we taught you how to create last week. Then rinse and repeat the process!

Next time we are going to reveal our secret banner ad strategy. What we have taught you so far is nothing brand new. What we will teach you next time is!


Alan Tobutt

Digital Marketing Consultant based in Hertfordshire. Google Partner and member of the Digital Marketing Institute