Banner Ad Training Part Three

In last weeks newsletter we taught you how banner advertising should really be done. Buying banners through a network causes all kinds of problems. Buying banner ads direct on web sites is a much better approach in our experience. You have to jump through too many hoops if you buy through a network like Google. When you buy banner ads direct on sites in your niche you can generate traffic without having to adhere to the rules of a network.

This week we are going to teach you a little trick that will enable you to generate lots of traffic by thinking a little outside the box…

As you will be well aware one of the toughest problems for online marketers these days is standing out and getting attention. With so many web sites competing for the attention of web surfers it is incredibly hard to stand out and get eyeballs on your advertising. Your banner can easily become lost within the banner adverts and content on the web pages you place an advert on.

Not if you do things our way.

Here’s the plan….

Last week we told you to place banner ads on high traffic sites in your niche. And you should be doing that. But also you should be placing banners on smaller web sites that are in your niche market. You can find these by going to Google and typing in

“(keyword) review powered by wordpress”

So for example if you sold golf clubs you’d type in “golf clubs review powered by wordpress”. This little trick will allow you to find hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of blogs in your niche market that you could place a banner ad on, or if you have an affiliate program get them to sign up as an affiliate and promote your web site.

Why are ‘review’ blogs such a good place to advertise on? Because you can pick up tons of cheap traffic from them with very little competition for “eyeballs”. Review blogs are created so that the blog owner can earn an income by promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. Often you can get them to promote your web site or sell you advertising  space for dirt cheap.

On top of finding review blogs in your niche also think about how you can find review blogs in a niche that compliments what you sell, but is not reviewing what you sell directly.

For example if you sold a weight loss program for new mothers you could find blogs aimed  at moms by searching for something like “baby clothes review powered by wordpress”. This  way you can get your banner in front of people who would be interested in your product but not be surrounded by adverts and reviews of products the same as yours. The result? Your  advert will stand out more because it is different.

Next week we will show you how to make sure the sites you find have decent amounts of traffic.

Alan Tobutt

Digital Marketing Consultant based in Hertfordshire. Google Partner and member of the Digital Marketing Institute