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A Video Script For Your Web Site

I have a turnkey promotion for you. But it is a promotion with a difference! Check this out…

I have provided you with a script for a video promotion. You can use it to promote one of your own products, or someone else’s products as an affiliate or as a local business. The idea is you place a video on your site and either send traffic to it via an email promotion or via other traffic methods.

Below is the template you can use for your market. Where I have put (niche) we want you to insert your niche market. Where I have put (niche objective) I want you to insert what it is your market wants to achieve. What problem do they want solved?



“When it comes to (niche) the issue isn’t can you (niche objective), it is how are you going to do it quickly and easily.

I agree that there are so many (niche) scam and quick fix promises out there that you just cannot trust. But what I would add is that there is always a genuine (niche) program out there in between all of the nonsense others are selling

Let’s face it. (niche objective) isn’t easy. And when it comes to (niche objective) it is often a persons biggest goal. (In this paragraph talk about why most people will fail in the market. Something the prospect will identify with)

The great thing is just by watching this video/reading this, you have shown that you want to (achieve objective)

You have proven not only do you want to (niche objective) but that you are unlike the people who just talk about (niche objective). You are a go getter and you WILL get to your dream (goal) no matter what.

Now I want you to ask yourself something. How excited would you be if I told you that there is a (program that helps you achieve objective)? You would be ecstatic wouldn’t you?

Well right now I want you to click on the link below this video and check out the site. I want you to prove to yourself that you are not just a talker and are genuinely driven to (objective). You won’t regret it!



There is a whole lot of persuasion and influence in this video script. Use it, edit it to match your market, website and products.


7 Simple Steps To Creating An Effective Video Ad For YouTube Trueview

When attempting to generate traffic to your landing pages using video, there is a big difference in having a promotional video explaining your business and and a Video Ad designed to get their attention instantly and influence the desired actions.

video advertising in ware

Here are 5 guidelines to follow when creating your effective Video Ad:

1. Grab their attention within the first 5 seconds – ask a question that they will answer with a ‘yes’. What is their most pressing problem that you can solve? For example…

” Would you like to solve XYZ?”