Use The Power Of Facebook To Laser Target Your Perfect Customer In Your Targeted Area. As a small business owner this is the perfect time to advertise on Facebook...Don't miss out!

  • Target by Age, Sex, Location, Relationship Status, Education, Income Level, Home Status....and much more!
  • Create a specific message and get this into their news feed
  • You only pay for engagement so everyone else who sees your marketing message costs you nothing
  • Use images and video within your Ads
  • Facebook has a database about us that is so use it to your advantage

This Advertising platform is different from Google Adwords as this approach is one of 'hunting' for your leads and customers and not 'fishing' whereby you are waiting for when they are actively searching and have visibility.

Although the targeting is better on this platform your strategy needs to be different. The most profitable campaigns I have managed, and also seen, are when you actually offer free information as the first stage of your marketing funnel. Offer free videos, reports, checklists as an 'ethical' bribe and get them on an email list. Provide further valuable information and then and you will see a far higher response to your campaign. offer.

For more details on this topic here is a great article from the guys at Digital Marketer...

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Sarah Pohlinger Leabourne Financial Advice

I'd like to thank you for the work you have done in the past year to improve the results from Leabourne's website.

Financial advice has proven a challenging area to operate in and find a way of getting visibility for my website without it costing a ridiculous amount. However, through experimenting and measuring results, Alan has adapted what we are doing to what works and is cost-effective and we are now starting to see positive results.

Traffic to the website is continuing to increase and we have an on-going​ programme to convert these people to clients.

I am very happy with the work​ Alan has done and I would not hesitate in recommending Alan to anyone who wants to improve their visibility and effectiveness of their website.

Gary Reynolds Hertford Auto Centre

After having a meeting with you about how to market us using Facebook Advertising and how it would enhance our new website thus driving new customers through our door, we decided to go with your recommendations and ideas.

​On the day that the marketing campaign went live we had instant enquiries that lead to sales!

I would recommend you to other business owners as we are very pleased with the results at a very reasonable pricing.​