This Proven Online Advertising Method Will Generate Hands-Free New Enquiries For You At A Profit So You Can Concentrate On Running A Stress Free Business Rather Than Worrying About Competition Or Where The Next Sale Will Come From

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  • Instantly get targeted visitors to your website
  • More exposure, more visibility, more leads, more sales
  • It will bring you customers who are searching RIGHT NOW for what you offer
  • You can start generating traffic right away, instead of investing time into an SEO or social media marketing campaign
  • The number of visitors and leads becomes predictable month after month so you can start scaling this up
  • It’s easy to track your conversion rate and results, letting you optimize your campaign and improve your return on investment
  • Once you find profitable keywords and ad combinations, you can scale your budget in just a few seconds, taking your campaign from a side project into your biggest source of new customers.

What we are really doing here is using sophisticated technology to get your offer in front of the right person at the right time. For example if I did a search right now on Google for a surveyor in my local area the results will look similar to the image below.

What you need to understand is the listings wrapped in red are known as ‘Sponsored Ads’ and these companies will pay Google a nominal amount for each visitor who decides to click on the Ad and is then directed to a specific page on a website.

This approach is similar to the classified Ad approach in your local newspaper and trade magazine but far, far more effective:

  • You can test this all out for pennies
  • Have two Ads running and test which one is more responsive
  • Only have the Ad visible to searchers within you local area
  • Have a daily budget that you control
  • Target different types of devices – Mobiles, Tablets, desktops

"There is no such thing as a paid advertising campaign that works overnight. It takes hard work, monitoring and testing - and even a little obsession to get it right!"

The secret to all this is to know what you are doing! Do not dabble with this powerful advertising platform. Instead either get good at this stuff or get someone who knows what they are doing. This is where our services can help you set this all set up correctly, measure results, optimise and get a positive return for your advertising spend.

As a Google Partner and Certified Google Adwords PPC Specialist I have worked with a number of local and national business owners to assist with increased profitability using Google Adwords. 

This service includes:

  • Setting up the Search, Display & Shopping campaigns
  • Keyword + Competitor Research
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Writing Compelling Expanded Text & Image Ads that get clicks
  • Using Ad Extensions – Sitelinks ,Call, Call-Out and location to increase the number of people who actually click on your Ad
  • Adding Google Tag Manager, Conversion tracking + measurement within your website
  • Optimising the campaign to deliver more profits i.e. more leads & sales (conversions) and a lower cost per conversion (CPA)
  • Testing brand new strategies in 2016 (especially on the Google Display Network)
  • Expanding your campaigns using Bing Ads
  • Providing extensive Reporting of the campaign progress

Bespoke Direct Response Landing Pages

Traditionally, many local business websites have not been set up correctly to produce conversion rates above 5% so to combat this bespoke landing pages can be offered. It is vital that when you are paying for traffic you generate the highest ROI that is possible. To achieve this profitability the landing page has to not only be split-tested but set up for a direct response action.

If you are already using Google Adwords and not getting the return on investment you planned, I would like to offer you  a FREE 1 HOUR AUDIT/REVIEW and offer any advice on improving conversions whilst decreasing costs.

Bonus Service - Set Up & Optimisation For Your Google My Business Listing

There are distinct advantages to having your Google My Business
Listing claimed:

  • You can improve your reputation by building Customer Reviews - Generate 5 or more and receive your Gold Stars
  • These Listings appear above all the Website/Business Directory SEO listings on the SERPS
  • Later this year Google the 3-Pack will be amended to a 2-Pack and a Paid Ad so you have the opportunity to appear twice when using both Adwords + Google My Business
  • The Google My Business listing will become an Ad Extension in Adwords later this year
  • These listings are even more prominent on mobile search

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Matthew Aubrey Aubrey Homes Project Management

It was approximately 6 months ago when I decided to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and face up to the fact that life could be a hell of a lot easier if prospective customers were finding me. Up until that point I had never had a client call from my website instead just used it as a brochure to which I sent people.

Having had several conversations with business colleagues I decided to talk to Alan about Internet marketing and how he thought he could help. A few short weeks later and still none the wiser, but comfortable in the fact that Alan was in charge, I had a completely new web site and if I typed into Google relevant search terms Aubrey Homes was prominent on the first page.

I am happy to say after 6 months I am receiving regular call back requests and phone calls from prospective clients, one of which I start a rather nice job in March!

I would like to thank Alan and Celtal Direct for all their expertise and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend them to business associates in the future.

Alan Pennington Sorpen Financial Solutions

We have had several reviews over the last 18 months regarding making Sorpen Financial Solutions stand out on the Internet.

You have provided guidance and support regarding the keywords to target on Google and encouraged fellow business colleagues to give my business Google Reviews. This has led to additional business for us and I was amazed earlier today when I received a phone call from a couple who wanted to book an appointment based on my Google Reviews and ranking - £979 of further business carried out.

Thanks again for your expertise - let's move forward with Facebook Ads in the new year!

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Should you wish to discuss any questions you may have about using Digital marketing to grow you business call today!