The Best Two Words You Want to Hear About Your Digital Ad Campaign…

So you have set up your digital marketing campaign based on your Objectives, Audience Targeting & Budget and it has been running and collecting valuable data to analyse.

The first word you now want to hear is… PREDICTABLE. The results you are achieving week after week, month after month are now showing a degree of predictability in terms of your results against your objectives. You are now having success thanks to the patience you have shown in the split testing you originally set up, collected data and made changes to your Advertising and Landing pages.

The Ads are getting attention and the Landing Pages are converting at a good level to produce a profit in your business.

It is now time to hear the second word discussed…SCALABLE. You can now start upping your budget and see how this impacts your profits. Pour more fuel into the tank and see how this engine really performs! provided you can handle more new enquiries and sales scale this as high as it can fly.

Do not underestimate the power of these two words.

Once you really get this stuff you can then become ruthless in your marketing and challenge many different tools and strategies put in front of you. Ask if this strategy can produce predictable and scalable results in your business. Certainly question any SEO or Social Media ‘shiny object’ salespeople who email or call you about this!!

How To Develop Clarity In Your Online Marketing – The Concept Of ‘Break Even’

Let’s assume that the number one objective for your digital campaign is to increase profits. So how do you know if you are actually making a profit?

Forget all the ‘fancy’ metrics such as Impressions, CTR, etc.  The key metrics in your campaign must be Sales for eCommerce and Number of Enquiries + Cost Per Enquiry for Lead Generation campaigns.

You have to be ruthless with your assessment of profit and that means accurate tracking of your conversion actions (Number of Enquiries + Cost Per Enquiry).

If you cannot track these metrics then you should think seriously about continuing with your chosen channel of marketing, especially if you are a local business sold down the river on some ‘social media brand awareness’ waste of money exercise by your Digital Agency.

Ok, rant over!

I would like to introduce you to the concept of ‘Break Even’ so you can really dig in and see where you are profitable.

Here is an example of XYZ, a local business, and to bring in one new customer/client they actually make £500 profit. Working backwards, their sales process involves a phone call to their business (conversion) and then a meeting to close the sale. Their process is as follows:

1 new customer = £500 profit 

1 new customer = 3 meetings

1 meeting = 5 phone calls

Therefore: 1 new customer = 15 phone calls

£500/15 = £33 Ad spend to generate 1 phone call to ‘Break Even’

We now have the metric of £33 as your ‘Break Even’ which means your budget in your online campaigns is to generate a conversion action (phone call) for that maximum amount.

This ‘break even’ concept is critical to understanding if your campaigns are actually profitable. You also now have a threshold and the plan of action going forward is to test ways to:

  • Increase the number of enquiries within this threshold – try different advertising channels
  • Decrease the cost per enquiry – increase the conversion rate of your website landing pages
  • Generate ideas to earn more from each new customer/client so the lifetime value to your business is more than £500 profit – sell other services/products to the customer/client

So what is your ‘break even’ in your business for your products/services? How much ‘wriggle-room’ do you have in your online marketing campaigns to generate a new enquiry such as a phone call or a web form completion?



How To Use Facebook Ads Profitably For Your Local Business

The biggest benefit with Online advertising is the level of targeting you can achieve. You can target someone actually searching for your local services right now using search marketing.

Today though I want to share another approach…one in which you go out there ‘hunting’ for your ideal customers locally. To do this there are a few different strategies proving profitable and one of these is to use Facebook Ads with a local intent.

The guys over at Digital Marketer have written a really good article to get you up and running. Here you go…




Big Changes To Your Google Adwords Text Ads – Expanded Ads

This is a big change and brand new so you have the opportunity to use this now before you local competitors do.

Get double your benefits displayed within your bigger Ad, better click through rates (CTR) and higher Quality Scores.


Here is the full article…


This will take some work amending your Ads but well worth it. Split test your new Ads against your current Ads and note your click through rate.

A Video Script For Your Web Site

I have a turnkey promotion for you. But it is a promotion with a difference! Check this out…

I have provided you with a script for a video promotion. You can use it to promote one of your own products, or someone else’s products as an affiliate or as a local business. The idea is you place a video on your site and either send traffic to it via an email promotion or via other traffic methods.

Below is the template you can use for your market. Where I have put (niche) we want you to insert your niche market. Where I have put (niche objective) I want you to insert what it is your market wants to achieve. What problem do they want solved?



“When it comes to (niche) the issue isn’t can you (niche objective), it is how are you going to do it quickly and easily.

I agree that there are so many (niche) scam and quick fix promises out there that you just cannot trust. But what I would add is that there is always a genuine (niche) program out there in between all of the nonsense others are selling

Let’s face it. (niche objective) isn’t easy. And when it comes to (niche objective) it is often a persons biggest goal. (In this paragraph talk about why most people will fail in the market. Something the prospect will identify with)

The great thing is just by watching this video/reading this, you have shown that you want to (achieve objective)

You have proven not only do you want to (niche objective) but that you are unlike the people who just talk about (niche objective). You are a go getter and you WILL get to your dream (goal) no matter what.

Now I want you to ask yourself something. How excited would you be if I told you that there is a (program that helps you achieve objective)? You would be ecstatic wouldn’t you?

Well right now I want you to click on the link below this video and check out the site. I want you to prove to yourself that you are not just a talker and are genuinely driven to (objective). You won’t regret it!



There is a whole lot of persuasion and influence in this video script. Use it, edit it to match your market, website and products.


All the AdWords & Google Analytics changes announced today at Google Performance Summit…

There have been pretty big announcements from Google over the last few days. Here is a summary for those of you who do not have the time to delve deeper:


1. 50% bigger ads. This is a huge change. First, there will be longer headlines. Google is going to let you have headlines which are around twice the length of the current ones. Then, the main copy of your ad is more than doubling, to 80 characters. If you are smart about your copy, this should mean a very nice increase to your click through rate, which will give you more traffic but will also improve your quality score, effectively cutting your cost per click.

2. Separate bidding for mobile and tablets. Google’s current system for separating out mobile traffic is horrible – and they’ve always refused to let you bid separately for traffic from tablets. This has been a big frustration because most advertisers get their best conversions from tablets (if you’ve never checked your stats on this, go and have a look) Now you’re going to be able to effectively bid separately for tablet traffic. This is great news.

3. Demographic bidding. Although this hasn’t got as much attention as the first two changes, I think this may turn out to be the most significant. At the moment, when you advertise on Google search, you’re paying to reach men and women of any age, plus teenagers and children. In most businesses there is a major age bias for its best customers. In the future you’re going to be able to choose the gender and age of the people who see your ads. This could save you a lot of money and improve your conversion rates significantly.

Combine all three and you have some major changes.

Here is the full version of events:

This Harms Your Site Traffic Every Day…

It has been my experience that most people who fail in business fail because they do not have the right mindset or the right time management skills. You can write the best sales letters in the world but if no one finds your sales letter or knows about your talent because you cannot find time to let people know about it via traffic generation then you will not make a living from it.

Your web site may be the greatest looking web site in your niche and you may offer the best products, but if no one knows your site exists you will not make a penny.

The reason for a lack of traffic, or sales or subscribers is more often than not because the site owner quite simply does not work hard enough. That’s a controversial thing to say but it is true. We all like to think we work hard, but there is a difference between working hard and just aimlessly sitting in front of your computer. You have to put in the work AND make the work you put in effective. If you do that your business can grow. If you don’t, it won’t. Simple.

Because we know that time management is such a problem, especially for new entrepreneurs who are starting a business from home and have a job and family life to juggle to, I recommend you read the book below on Amazon. This is not an affiliate link. I am not going to make a penny from telling you to check this book out. But at ten bucks this book can save you a lot of time and wasted effort.

The book is called “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. You can buy the print version or the Kindle version at the link below:



One of the main reasons entrepreneurs start a business is because of the freedom it offers. But with the wrong time management you can end up working long, long hours with little return. This book will help you to solve that problem. Get your copy, and become more productive, today.



7 Simple Steps To Creating An Effective Video Ad For YouTube Trueview

When attempting to generate traffic to your landing pages using video, there is a big difference in having a promotional video explaining your business and and a Video Ad designed to get their attention instantly and influence the desired actions.

video advertising in ware

Here are 5 guidelines to follow when creating your effective Video Ad:

1. Grab their attention within the first 5 seconds – ask a question that they will answer with a ‘yes’. What is their most pressing problem that you can solve? For example…

” Would you like to solve XYZ?”

Banner Ad Training Part Three

In last weeks newsletter we taught you how banner advertising should really be done. Buying banners through a network causes all kinds of problems. Buying banner ads direct on web sites is a much better approach in our experience. You have to jump through too many hoops if you buy through a network like Google. When you buy banner ads direct on sites in your niche you can generate traffic without having to adhere to the rules of a network.

This week we are going to teach you a little trick that will enable you to generate lots of traffic by thinking a little outside the box…

Banner Ad Traffic Training Part Two

In this weeks newsletter we are going to delve further into the world of generating traffic with banner advertising.

First off let’s take a look at what not to do…

Most people create a banner and then use a service like to place their banner on hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of web sites related to the keywords you provide to Google. So if your web site sold remote control helicopters you might build a list of keywords related to ‘remote control helicopters’ and let Google do the rest. For many the idea of Google placing the banner ads for you is a huge time saver and too irresistible an offer.

Unfortunately this way of doing things causes a problem.