The Most Powerful Online Advertising Strategy Out There ... But Less Than 10% Of Local Businesses Are Using It. Get Ahead Of Your Competitors And Set This Up Today!

  • Target your 'lowest hanging fruit'. This should be the first thing you do online
  • It is highly unlikely that your local competitors will be using this strategy yet!
  • Use this strategy with your Facebook Campaign
  • Use this strategy with your Google Campaign
  • Use this strategy with your YouTube Campaign
  • You pay nothing unless the visitor decides to click and return to your website again
  • A unique way to build brand awareness too - get seen locally all over the Internet

When somebody visits your website, the vast majority of the time they are not going to buy, or do, anything. Some just leave and will never come back. However, some of these visitors where just about to take some kind of action and become a lead or sale....but they got distracted​: The kids were screaming, they got caught up in something else, they had to go out, the boss had just walked in and had to close the browser, etc

They were just about to get over the line​!

Remarketing is a sophisticated way to get back in front of these people and give them a 'second bite of the cherry'. Give them another chance to become a lead or sale.​

You need to be actively marketing to these prospects that didn’t make it over the line. Traditionally for every 100 visitors to a good website 1-2 will decide to take some form of action (Convert) – become a lead for your business by calling you or filling out a web form contact request, download some free information or buy a product.

That is just the way things are with the internet…people are surfing. So you will lose 98-99 of those website visitors. The challenge has always been to find a way to get your product/service in front of these people again.

Strategies such as attempting to capture an email address have been around for many years but up to now technology has not offered a real solution…until now! Welcome to the concept called Remarketing or Retargeting. Setting this all up is simple and requires a small amount of code to be placed on your website that will then capture information about the visitor. More importantly, you can segment even further and Remarket only to those who were actually interested in your offer which is far more cost-effective. There is no need to get in front of visitors who were just there out of curiosity.

Now when someone comes along to your website and does not do anything you can now follow that person all over the internet and serve a reminder to them using 3 different platforms:

​1. Other Websites (Google Display Network) Remarketing

There are over 1 million websites that allow Google to serve Ads from publishers and these can be in the form of a text Ad or an image (Banner) Ad.

You now have the ability to get in front of the website visitor and this can be targeted locally for a local business owner

2. Facebook Remarketing

Pretty much all of us now have a Facebook account. The website visitor can then see your Ad served in the news feed of their Facebook page. This allows you to use a large image, a headline and text reminding them of your product/service.

3. YouTube Trueview Remarketing

You can set up a simple promotional video and allow this to be served to the website visitor before they watch content on YouTube. You only pay for the click if they decide to watch more than 30 seconds of your video. If not they can skip your video and you pay nothing for the exposure.

The power of this sophisticated strategy is the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – if you are a local business you are positioning yourself everywhere on the internet in your local area because all of this can be set up in a precise location such as your town or county.

Costs? Well you will only pay for the click if the original website visitor decides to return to your website to look into your product/service once again. As far as exposure goes it is FREE EXPOSURE for your business if they do not click for whatever reason. Now the picture looks a bit more powerful in terms of getting website visitors back into your marketing funnel and converting more into leads/sales.

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Richard Hudson Hudsons Stoves

When we started Hudson's Stoves we had a website but it did not feature on Google, not even if you searched for our name. I was spending lots on Google Advertising but not getting any results.

After some long conversations I eventually bit the bullet and engaged your services.

Well, a year later and we feature as the No.1 stove retailer in out local area on Google and getting about 2000 website visitors a month. Our spend on Google is becoming much more focused.

But Alan is not finished, our journey continues and we improve yet further. Alan's knowledge of how to get attention online and really shine is second to none. I would definitely recommend him to fellow colleagues.