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Why do you have a website? Let me make a bold assumption here...the reason you have invested in a website is you want to generate more enquiries, sales, clients, customers, patients, residents, etc

Initially you may have thought that you just needed to have a website live in order to generate more business. You hired a Web Designer, maybe asked a friend of the family or took the cheaper route and invested in one of the 'free' choices such as, to design your website.

You might have a fancy looking website but people make a buying decision based on the words on the website plus a few other elements...NOT ON THE DESIGN. It is the words that are on your website that are going to differentiate you from your competitors and influence the person to do business with you. Your prospects need to be persuaded and feel comfortable with you, that they feel understood and reassured, before they pick up the phone or carry out any other desired action. That is what will make the difference between real profits and struggle.

The problem here is THE VAST MAJORITY OF WEB DESIGNERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND CONVERSION...the art and science of persuading/influencing/motivating the website visitor to carry out the desired action once they are on the website. The action of beginning a relationship with you such as picking up the phone and talking to you, watching a video, opting in to your email list or downloading some valuable information on offer.

Think of it this way... on the one hand you have the process of HOW you are selling your services or products and on the other hand you have the process of HOW your customers make a buying decision. The reason you are probably struggling is the website has been set up incorrectly whereby the sales process is not helping people make a buying (converting) decision.

The truth of the matter is most local business websites are set up incorrectly...including your competitors! But do not get too downbeat about this as there is a straight forward solution available but first you need to find out what exactly is wrong with your website. On offer here is a full 30-Point Website Conversion Diagnostic Report that will highlight the reasons why you are not making the profits that are crucial for the well being of your business.

This service has proven to be massively valuable to local business website owners like yourself who want to improve the sales/lead generation of their website and make more profits. By going through this checklist you will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current site and so you can then amend to increase the likelihood of someone choosing to do business with you....DRAMATICALLY!

S Morris

I recently engaged Celtal Direct to assist with my social media campaign and they have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. No jargon, no confusion, no frustration and no headaches!! I cannot recommend Celtal highly enough. Your business is safe in their hands

T Leadbetter

I have used Celtal Direct to sort out my Google Ads, Alan has had the patience of a saint dealing with me I had opened so many accounts and not kept the passwords but diligently he has processed each account and got the company on the first page if you look for "Letting Agents Hertford" there we are on first page at the top. Thanks Alan your tops and thank you for your hard work. 

Let me leave you with this simple thought...

  • If your car is not hire a Mechanic
  • If your pet is hire a Vet
  • If your back is screwed hire an Osteopath
  • If your website is not bringing in the profits you hire a Website Conversion Specialist

It's time to stop your website leaking profits and losing customers to your competitors!

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